3. Results

  • Addressing overqualification of skilled immigrants in the European Union: Situations and Approaches from the Local Level, March 2013.

Download original English version here, in Hungarian here, in Spanish here, in Dutch here, in Italian here, in Greek here
This publication introduces the issue of overqualification in the European Union, how it disproportionately affects third-country nationals, its causes, and the implications for the EU labour market and economic performance, with some consideration of the issue in relation to the current economic crisis. Then comes an overview of the main European Commission policies and programmes relevant to addressing migrant overqualification. It also describes the specific local situations and causes of overqualification of third-country nationals in each locality of the REALISE network, the processes for addressing it and the strategies and tools developed. A set of recommendations, for policy and practice concerning the problem of overqualification among skilled third-country nationals in the EU, are outlined at the end of the publication.

The publication is aimed primarily at practitioners and policymakers concerned with: immigrants, the labour market and optimising human capital, inclusion, and fulfilling the Europe 2020 goals for growth and economic competitiveness.

  • Overqualification of Immigrants: an acute manifestation of Europe’s larger labour market failings. What to do?

Public Conference, 11 February 2013, Committee of the Regions, Brussels

Conference programme is available here
Conference presentations:

Keynote speech here

Bilbao PPT PDF

Budapest PPT

Cesena Doc

Ghent PPT

London PPT

Seville PPT

– Audio recording of the conference

Morning (first 11 seconds silent): [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/160872577/Conf%E2%80%93feb11%E2%80%932013%E2%80%931.mp3 ]

Afternoon: [audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/160872577/Conf%E2%80%93feb11%E2%80%932013%E2%80%932.mp3 ]

  • Migrant under-employment: The Employers’ Perspective, The Migrants Resource Centre, December 2012. Download here

The survey focuses on the experiences of a range of companies in employing migrants from outside the EU; it counterbalances these experiences with the accounts of migrants themselves. The aims of the survey are: to raise awareness among employers of the potential for their business of employing non-EU migrants; to share good practice; and to consider any barriers and how they can be overcome.

  • Local diagnoses reports of severity and cause of overqualification in third-country nationals

Report on Migrant overqualification in Ghent, complete report here, summary here

Report on Migrant overqualification in Bilbao, complete report here

Report on Migrant overqualification in Botkyrka, complete report here

Report on Migrant overqualification in Cesena, summary here and complete version here

Report on Migrant overqualification in Heraklion, complete report here and executive summary here

Report on Migrant overqualification by Menedek Hungarian Association for Migrants, complete report here

Report on Migrant overqualification by London’s Migrant Resource Centre, complete report here

Report on Migrant overqualification in Seville, complete report here


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