Welcome to the REALISE project blog


Feb. 11th ProjectWorks has organised a conference, for the REALISE project and hosted by the Committee of the Regions, Brussels: “Over-qualification of Immigrants: an acute manifestation of Europe’s larger labour market failings. What to do?” – agenda and attendance info available here

Audio recording of the conference:

Morning (first 11 seconds silent): audio

Afternoon: audio

REALISE is a project funded under the European Integration Fund and seeks to contribute to achieving the EU 2020 objectives of a dynamic and competitive Europe through the maximization of its human capital; specifically by targeting qualified third-country nationals – non-EU immigrants – who, as a group, are disproportionately overqualified for their jobs.

REALISE is a network of 9 partners – 3 public institutions and 6 NGOs – from 7 European Union member states.

In this blog you will find a detailed description of the project goals and activities, tools for project implementation, its results and useful resources.

We will be using and developing this blog throughout the project as a tool for communicating amongst the partners and with others.

REALISE duration: 01 September 2011 – 01 March 2013